Ada man charged in 2019 homicide case

Jerry Taylor, 62, was murdered in his home, pictured here. A suspect in the case, Dalton Dakota Vivier, was charged recently with first-degree murder -- deliberate intent.

An Ada man was recently charged with a felony in connection with the 2019 homicide of 62-year-old Jerry Taylor of Ada.

Dalton Dakota Vivier, 26, was charged in Pontotoc County District Court with first-degree murder -- deliberate intent.

On Feb. 18, 2019, concerned relatives found Taylor lying unresponsive on the floor of his home near the Lazy Acre addition east of Ada.

Sheriff Christian said relatives went to check on Taylor after not seeing or hearing from him in several days. Upon entering the home and discovering Taylor on the floor, Christian said, the relatives immediately called 911.

“Ada Fire Department, Mercy EMS, and Pontotoc County deputies arrived on scene and determined (Taylor) was deceased,” Christian said. “From what first responders observed, (Taylor) appeared to be a homicide victim.”

Deputy Brandon Hurley said in a report that EMS informed him that Taylor appeared to have been deceased for a day or two.

Hurley, along with Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Chasen Bennett and Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Police Captain Casey Gentry, entered the residence after speaking with EMS.

“Once inside the kitchen I observed drops of blood on the kitchen floor and blood on the refrigerator,” Hurley said in a report. “I then observed Jerry’s body lying on the living room floor. Once I got closer I could see that Jerry had significant trauma to his face and body. I observed blood on his face and on the floor by him along with a pillow in the floor covered in blood and a book next to his body that was also covered in blood. I noticed that the window blinds also had what appeared to be blood spatter on them. I noticed that there was also what appeared to be an extension cord of some sort around Jerry’s waist.”

Christian requested the assistance of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to process the crime scene and conduct the investigation.

“OSBI agents arrived and worked the crime scene, collecting evidence and interviewing potential witnesses,” Christian said.

Crime scene techs collected blood from the scene for DNA evidence. While some blood DNA belonged to Taylor, agents collected two samples which belonged to two unknown people.

On Nov. 21, OSBI Agent Josh Dean received a report that one DNA profile belonged to Dalton Vivier.

Vivier had served time in prison between the time of the homicide and the time he was interviewed by Dean Sept. 2, 2020.

Vivier reportedly told Dean he went to Taylor’s home, but did not go inside. He later said he may have gone inside, but then “dipped” out of there, according to Dean.

“Dalton and his father, believed to be Tony Vivier (now deceased), went to (Taylor’s) house to get some money selling drugs,” Dean said in a court affidavit. “Dalton did a ‘hot shot’ of dope and could not remember anything.”

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