The Ada Fire Department recently added a 2019 Sutphen triple combination pumper to it's fleet. “Triple combination” means a fire pump, hose storage and a full complement of ground ladders.

This fire engine will replace our 1987 Pierce Dash engine that has been a reserve engine since 2007. The pumper we are replacing is 32 years old, and parts are getting hard to find. Three factors were important when looking into this purchase: firefighter safety, dependability and best value.

Sutphen is one of the last true family-owned fire apparatus manufacturers.

Notable features on the new truck are as follows.

• Custom cab for structural integrity and rollover protection. (Firefighter safety).

• 1000-gallon water tank (an increase of 250 gallons on water).

• Stainless steel piping (standard).

• Elevated LED water tank volume indicators. (top rear, both sides of the cab).

• Doubled frame rails for durability.

• Integrated tire chains for wintertime driving.

• LED emergency lighting.

• LED truck lights, including ground lights for firefighter safety.

• EMS and electronic tool storage cabinets inside the cab to minimize contamination.

• Backup camera (Firefighter safety).

• 1,250 gallons per minute.

• 30-gallon foam tank.

• Industry-proven 450 HP Cummins Diesel with an Allison transmission.

• Rapid-deploy 1-3/4 trash line in the front bumper for car fires, dumpster fires and miscellaneous fires.

A lot of hours were involved in the design of this truck understanding that this truck will need to serve our community for years to come. This truck, was purchased in a cooperative effort between the Valley View Foundation, the city of Ada and a community block grant. The city of Ada truly appreciates this partnership. 

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