ACT II's latest production sets sail this weekend

Emily Ingram and Chance Palmer rehearse a scene from the musical “Don’t Rock the Boat.”

ACT II Youth Drama Camp will be performing the musical “Don’t Rock the Boat.” Performances are at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (June 13-15) at East Central University’s Dorothy I. Summers Theatre.

The show’s story is by Tim Kelly, with music and lyrics by Larry Nestor.

Take the TV show “The Love Boat,” season with “Mutiny on the Bounty,” serve “Pirates of Penzance” for dessert and you get some idea of what “Don’t Rock the Boat” is all about! This is a youthful comedy cruise that has laughs coming faster that torpedoes.

Tom Butterworth (Chance Palmer) is determined to be the youngest cruise ship captain in history, even if this means sailing on a converted gunboat named Vengeance, with a crew of rejects from the Maritime Naval Academy (Patrick Beck, Riley Neely, Brendan Boyd), trained by Mr. Crankmeyer (Teagan Williams). Also in the crew are a trio of girl singers (Parker Johnson, Kylie Laxton, Adilene Solorio) who are passing themselves off as a famous show biz act. No wonder the engineer (Zach Smith) is seasick, and the cruise hostess (Emily Ingram) is pulling her hair in frustration.

What about the passengers? There’s a fabulous Hollywood star, Honey Hotchkiss (Morgan Urlaub), with her secretary (Zana Johnson). Honey is determined to star in “Gone with the Wind, Part Two”; only the producer (Avaunt Brown) would sooner walk the plank.

There’s also a clumsy pair of thieves (Will Brock, Caitlin Grosso), a retired Navy man (Rudy Lupinski) and his lady (Sydney Anoatubby), a nonstop jogger (Ariana Solorio) and a gung-ho nurse (Cassidy Malm) with her assistant (Adie Marshall), who practices giving hypos by stabbing oranges and anything else that’s handy. To top it all off, there’s a hijacking at sea by a misguided group of pirate loonies (Manuel Gallegos, Noah Neely, Shelby Davis, Aimee Reed).

Other passengers include two old ladies (Alejandra Solorio, Evelyn Maisano) and two old men (Juan Oseguera, Titus Hicks).

The production’s stage manager is Valeria Oseguera, and the choreographer is Shelby Davis.

Tickets will be sold at the door: adults $10, seniors/students $8, children age 5 or under $6. Special group rates are available. For more information, contact the camp director, Vickie Reifsnider, at 580-421-5122 or email

The show is produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Co.