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The Ada area got a dusting of snow Saturday morning. Temperatures dropped drastically overnight with gusty winds making wind chill values into the single digits. 

Proponents of criminal justice reform were celebrating a bipartisan legislative proposal that could result in the early release of thousands of Oklahomans serving time for nonviolent crimes.

For Ada residents, it’s time to get out the vote — the vote for the goat.

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In rain, snow storms or burning heat. In the mud, because the grass is worn away. No good shelter in winter or cool shade in summer. And, those "logging chains" need to go. They weren't made to put on dogs. I wish the people that fit the above description were put on one just for 24 hours. Put that padlocked chain on you and only 6 foot long, 110 degrees and no shade, no cool water, just good old hot sun or 15-degree wind chill in the snow and sleet with 20 mph winds. And NO ONE would care about you — there are lots of dogs around here done this way. I've gotten many phone calls and e-mails over the years at PAWS from neighbors of people doing their dogs this way. I'm sure God has no mercy for people who do this, and you know who you are, I'm sure. How could you not. If you have to treat your dog like this, then you sure don't need one. This is not your pet, it's your prisoner. You're a cruel and unforgivable person with no feelings for any living creature that God put in our care. Remember "you reap what you sow."

Attorneys for the wife of one of five men that were killed in a Jan. 2018 explosion near Quinton has filed a response to a motion filed by attorneys for the Patterson 219 rig owners asking for a protective order to prevent depositions of two top company executives.

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NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. — Early weather forecasts for the AFC Championship between the Patriots and Chiefs called for temperatures in the single-digits — a hard freeze conjuring comparisons to the 1967 “Ice Bowl” between Dallas and Green Bay.

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