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Amanda Hamilton, of Stonewall, won the Prize Puzzle and received $450.

Native American tribes across the country were left out of a major part of a new federal tax incentive for opportunity zones, with their governments unable to pool investments to support projects in some of the nation’s poorest areas.

From the left, McCall’s Chapel President and CEO John Long receives a check from Grand Knight Dan Zimmerman of Knights of Columbus Council 5160. Each year, a Tootsie Roll drive is held by the knights from St. Joseph church in Ada and St Francis Xavier Church in Sulphur. Proceeds from the dri…

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On St. Patrick's Day in Nevada and Georgia, eight people were injured in each of two mass shootings. The day before, one was killed and three injured in New Jersey. The day before that, four were injured and two killed in Alabama. Typical. Alabama has the second-highest gun death rate per capita, nationwide. The day before that, three were injured and one killed in Montana. And the day before that, three were injured and one was killed in Illinois. We don't hear about the "little" mass shootings.

In this week’s position black has three ways to checkmate white in two moves and several ways to checkmate white in three moves. Black is therefore holding all the cards. Nevertheless, black can give it all away with one single move. This is because white has only few moves available and its king is almost confined to f5. Please try to find that one single move and the three ways to mate in two.

Schools around Oklahoma are attempting to account for the medical marijuana law passed last year. While policies and procedures are important, practical implementation is sometimes a little harder to tweak.

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Compelling coverage of a natural gas disaster that affected thousands of people in Massachusetts, the waste of tax dollars by antiquated townships in Indiana, and the dismissal of an admired college coach for misconduct in a small Iowa town highlighted distinguished journalism in the annual Best of CNHI contest for work in 2018.

The sex sting that authorities say snared Robert Kraft on surveillance video had its origin last summer on a tip to check out the Orchids of Asia day spa in Jupiter, Florida, for possible illicit sexual activity, a police probable cause affidavit reports.

BEVERLY, Mass.  — Enormous amounts of addictive narcotics are stolen from U.S. hospitals every year and no federal agency is tracking the problem with a national data base, a special report by the Salem News in Massachusetts has disclosed.

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