I hope everyone had a chance to photograph Halloween, and I hope everyone had fun doing it.

I know many of the people in my community, maybe even most of them, are summer people, but as the years have gone by, I’ve made my peace with all the seasons.

We had a pleasantly mild, wet October, and in the last week of the month we saw autumn arrive in earnest. My peach trees, for example, were green on the 20th, and today are bald branches surrounded by yellow leaves on the ground.

This time of year is particularly good for walking our epic Irish Wolfhound Hawken, who weighs just about the same as I do now. I walk him every day. His winter coat is coming in wiry and full, and he has more energy than he does in the summer. I almost always bring a camera with me, since that’s who I am.

Although the fall colors have peaked, there are still some great autumn photo opportunities around us. The sky tends to show off in the fall due to colder air aloft allowing greater refraction in the atmosphere. And the people: I love the way my wife looks in a flannel shirt and a denim jacket.

Generally speaking, the light is more forgiving in the fall, since the arc of the sun is closer to the horizon, creating steeper angles of sunlight, and the air tends to be clearer, rendering more deep blue skies above.

There’s no time of year I don’t like making pictures. Autumn certainly has its charms.

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Chief Photographer

Richard R. Barron is Chief Photographer for The Ada News. Richard has been at the News since October 1988. Prior to coming to Ada, Richard worked as staff photographer for The Shawnee News-Star. Richard attended Oklahoma University.