I had in mind to write about a very serious subject this week, but my thoughts on it are not yet clear, so I ask instead that you join me for a short walk around our patch of green in Byng.

It has been an extraordinary April, thanks in no small amount to the ample, healthy rain we have experienced over the past year — 54.2 inches over the last 12 months, according to Mesonet.org. The last few days it has warmed up, though it hasn’t been hot.

I got my vegetable garden planted last week despite the fact that my tiller seems to be dead. It meant digging it all by hand, but I was up for it and took it in stages.

Thursday evening the sky was clear, the setting sun was brilliant, the pasture was green turning gold and the air was cool and dry on a light northerly breeze.

I hooked up Hawken, our Irish wolfhound, and grabbed a Nikon D80 — a camera so old and cheap to replace that I don’t mind that fact that it could end up in the pond, covered in wolfhound slobber, or attacked by fire ants, and yet I know I can make great pictures with it. On it I mounted one of my favorite lenses, the AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. Sometimes nicknamed the “nifty fifty,” this is a lens that never lets me down, and I am always happy when I shoot with it. It’s small, smooth, sharp, fast and fun.

Hawken and I usually depart from the back door of the garage and head west. In winter, we can keep going for the mile along the power line easement to U.S. 377, but now that summer is near, those places are full of ticks, chiggers and poison ivy, so we make a counter-clockwise route along the mowed part of the yard and pasture.

The light last night was absolutely sublime, and I felt so grateful to be able to walk my giant dog on evenings like this. There are few things as inspiring in our world as nature, and our little patch of green here in Oklahoma definitely inspired me this week.

Richard R. Barron | The Ada News

Chief Photographer

Richard R. Barron is Chief Photographer for The Ada News. Richard has been at the News since October 1988. Prior to coming to Ada, Richard worked as staff photographer for The Shawnee News-Star. Richard attended Oklahoma University.