Britney Michele Gomez

The body of Britney Michele Gomez, also known as Britney Tiger, was found March 16 in a wooded area near the Kullihoma Reservation. Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Gomez’s death.

Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and death of 26-year-old Ada resident Britney Gomez.

“We’re treating it as a homicide,” Ada Police Detective Brian Engel said Friday. “Given the circumstances, and that she was found deceased out in a wooded area, we’re treating the investigation as a homicide at this time.”

Ada Public Information Director Lisa Bratcher said Gomez’s body was discovered by a rancher checking on his cattle March 16 near the Kullihoma Reservation east of Ada.

“She was decomposed, so she had definitely been there for several weeks,” Bratcher said.

Gomez’s husband told police she went missing in the early morning hours Feb. 11. Eight days later, Gomez’s sister called the police to report that she had not seen or heard from her sister in more than a week.

Engel said upon receiving the missing-person report, Ada police officers went to Gomez’s home to conduct a welfare check. There, they interviewed Gomez’s husband, William.

“Initially, he said he didn’t think there was a detective on duty, and that’s why he didn’t call,” Engel said.

Engel said during a subsequent interview, William’s explanation for not calling police Feb. 11 changed.

William later told police he didn’t think much of Gomez’s disappearance because she had a history of leaving home and being gone for weeks at a time before returning. He then told police that was the reason he did not file a missing-person report at the time of her disappearance.

William told police that Gomez took a couple of hoodies and a bag of makeup when she left. He said he woke up around 3:30 a.m. Feb. 11 and discovered she was gone.

Ada detectives said Gomez told her mother around 11 p.m. the night before her disappearance that she was leaving her husband.

“She texted her mom and said, ‘I need a break from Will, I’m going to go to my sister’s house in Texas,’” Engel said. “Then she sent another text message to her mom about an hour later saying she was fine, that she was having trouble with her phone. That was the last anyone heard of her.”

Police are not commenting on the state or nature of the scene where Gomez’s body was found, nor will they say whether they suspect foul play was involved, Bratcher said. The condition of the area where the body was found is part of the puzzle investigators are trying to piece together.

Pontotoc County sheriff’s deputies and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents conducted the investigation of the scene where Gomez’s body was found. Ada police investigators are assisting OSBI with the investigation into Gomez’s death and are conducting their own investigation into her disappearance.

Investigators are not ruling out the possibility of foul play.

Police are asking anyone who has information about Gomez’s disappearance or the circumstances surrounding her body being found near Kullihoma to contact Detective Brian Engel at (580) 436-6300, extension 212, or to report the information anonymously by calling CrimeStoppers at 580-33-CATCH.

“We’d appreciate any information available,” Engel said.

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