Allen Musser

In this file photo, Ada Police officer Allen Musser speaks to a crowd gathered for a cyber bullying and cyber sexting seminar Aug. 9 at the Pontotoc Technology Center. A warrant was issued for Musser's arrest Friday after he was accused of threatening his estranged wife with his service weapon.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of an Ada police officer accused of threatening his estranged wife with his service weapon.

An affidavit filed in Pontotoc County District Court alleges officer Roy Allen Musser, 36, assaulted his wife several times “during the past months.” 

The affidavit states that Musser’s wife told Pontotoc County Sheriff’s deputies Dec. 27 that on numerous occasions between March 18 and that date, Musser physically assaulted and threatened her, leaving bruises on her arms and face. According to the affidavit, the most serious incident occurred “around Sept. 1.”

“(Musser’s wife) stated that on that date (Musser) and she had been in an argument, and that during the argument, (Musser) grabbed her by the neck and had pinned her against the wall in their bathroom, choking and holding her there while yelling at her,” the affidavit states.

The affidavit indicates Musser’s wife provided deputies with photographs showing “marks to her throat that illustrated red marks as when being grabbed by the throat.”

Records indicate Musser’s wife told deputies she tried to leave home that day, but Musser followed her outside to her car, and when she turned to look at him he was “holding his police gun that he carries on duty in his hand.”

“(Musser’s wife) stated that (Musser) pinned her against her car and got nose to nose with her holding her against the car. (She) stated that (Musser) pointed the police gun to his own head and (was) threatening to shoot himself if she left,” the affidavit states.

Records indicate Musser’s wife told deputies she was “scared for her life and feared that (Musser) could hurt her or himself.

The affidavit states Musser’s wife provided deputies with “around 67 pages” of text messages exchanged between each other “in the early morning hours after the incident occurred” corroborating her statement about the events.

The affidavit states Musser’s wife told deputies that after she left their home on the morning of Dec. 27, Musser “began to text her and try to call her asking her to return home, but due to the unsafe conditions (she) declined to do so.”

Records indicate Musser’s wife told deputies that “at one point (Musser) was going to contact the police to come and find her and bring her back to the home.” 

A warrant was issued for Musser’s arrest Friday afternoon on charges of assault and battery — domestic abuse by strangulation. As of early Sunday afternoon, Musser remained at-large.

Maj. Tracy Jackson, who serves as Ada’s assistant police chief, said Sunday by phone that police officials have been in contact with Musser, who they said was previously scheduled to be off of work Friday and Saturday and on vacation Sunday. 

“I don’t know if deputies have tried to serve the warrant yet or not,” Jackson said Sunday afternoon. “To my knowledge (Musser) was out of the county (when the warrant was issued). We will fully cooperate with their investigation — whatever they need to do, they need to do. Certainly, we wouldn’t get in the middle of that.”

Jackson said he and Ada Police Chief Mike Miller expect to speak with Musser first thing Monday morning. 

“He has been told that he needs to take care of this issue with the county before we speak to him, or it will be taken care of when we speak to him,” Jackson said. “He’s been accused of a felony and that concerns us greatly.

“We’ve got a good group of officers. If we have an issue come up we will handle it appropriately and professionally and we will be working with the Sheriff’s office to handle this case in an appropriate fashion.”

Ada Public Information Director Lisa Bratcher said Sunday the city is working with all law enforcement officials to follow proper protocols.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian confirmed Sunday evening that Ada police administers have cooperated fully with his office on the investigation and have helped throughout.

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