Johnathan Blake Horton

Johnathan Blake Horton

An Ada man is being held in the Pontotoc County Justice Center without bond after allegations he kidnapped, assaulted and threatened the life of a woman in the early morning hours Wednesday.

Jonathan Blake Horton, 21, of Ada, was arrested early Wednesday morning after a series of late-night altercations and incidents that unfolded on or near state Highway 1, east of Ada.

Records indicate the incidents began when deputies received a call to assist a motorist in the 14000 block of County Road 3610 around 1:25 a.m. Wednesday. Deputies report they were notified that a caller had informed Central Dispatch that a black Dodge Charger was “stuck in the mud” in front of a home on CR3610 and that the driver was “honking the horn a lot.”

When deputies arrived at the location, the Charger was gone. Deputies report finding several tire marks in the road and said they noticed the home’s driveway was “torn up.”

Records indicate individuals at the home identified Horton and his passenger and told deputies they had been at the home earlier the evening before. An individual at the home told deputies they saw “a male subject reaching into the driver’s side (window) of the black Dodge Charger at a female.” The individual also said they heard the female passenger in the Charger say “call the cops,” and that after doing so, they returned to the front yard to find the Charger gone. The same individual told deputies that earlier in the evening, Horton had been driving a white, extended cab 3/4-ton Dodge truck.

Deputies report the individual told them that after Horton and the female driver of the Charger left the home earlier in the evening, the individual went “looking for them” and found Horton and the driver of the Charger on the east side of the county barns at state Highway 1 and County Road 3610. The individual told deputies they asked the pair if “everything was okay,” and were told by Horton that “they were ok.” The individual told deputies both Horton and the woman got into the Dodge truck and left the county barn, traveling west back towards Ada.

Deputies began a search of the area, hoping to locate the Charger and/or the truck. A short while later, deputies spotted the Dodge truck traveling east on state Highway 1. Deputies stopped the truck at state Highway 1 and County Road 3613.

Records indicate deputies immediately observed Horton had blood on his face, and the left side of the woman’s face was “swollen and bruised.”

Deputies report Horton told them he and the woman “had been arguing and that she drove to (the house) on accident.” Horton reportedly told deputies he did not know what happened to the woman’s face, but that he did not hit her in the face. Deputies report they noticed a smell of alcohol coming from Horton and subsequently detained him. Horton reportedly told deputies he had “been drinking earlier that night.”

During a separate interview with the woman, deputies report she informed them that Horton “had hit her in the face multiple times.” Deputies report they then placed Horton under arrest.

During an inventory of the Dodge truck, deputies report finding an AR-15 with a round in the chamber and a fully loaded 30-round magazine, a loaded Remington bolt-action rifle and a Ruger .45 ACP pistol under the front seat. Deputies report finding a loaded magazine for the pistol in the truck’s center console.

Horton was transported first to Mercy Hospital Ada for a blood test under Oklahoma’s implied consent law, then taken to the Pontotoc County Justice Center, where he remains held without bond pending a Feb. 7 court date.

During processing at the Justice Center, deputies took picture of Horton, noting that he “had dried blood on his face and hands, and had scrape marks on his lower back, face and hands.”

A harrowing ordeal

In an interview at the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office, the woman driving the Charger recounted a harrowing ordeal of violent assaults and threats.

Records indicate she told deputies this was not the first time Horton had assaulted her, and that Wednesday’s incidents began earlier in the evening at Horton’s parents’ house.

Deputies report the woman told them Horton began “to push her around and talk badly to her” at his parent’s house. She reportedly told deputies she was able to leave the house after Horton left to go somewhere with a friend.

Records indicate the woman told deputies Horton later found her on state Highway 1 near County Road 3610. She told deputies that Horton “ran his truck into the side of her vehicle after she refused to stop,” saying that when she pulled off of the road, Horton “pulled his truck in front of her car, trying to block her on (state) Highway 1.” The woman told deputies when she tried to back up, Horton “jumped on the hood of (her) vehicle” as she tried to drive down County Road 3610. The woman told deputies that as she drove down CR3610, Horton “began to kick her front windshield in,” so she “drove to the first house she (saw)… pulled her vehicle right up to the front door and began honking her horn.”

The woman reportedly told deputies that as she started honking her horn, Horton “got off the hood and tried to break her driver’s side glass to gain entry to her vehicle.” At that time, the woman said, is when the individuals inside the home came out and she told them to “call the cops.”

Records indicate the woman told deputies that after the individuals went back inside the house, Horton gained entry into her vehicle, pushed her over to the passenger side and backed out onto CR 3610. She told deputies Horton began driving back towards his truck, and that on the way, Horton “hit her multiple times in her face, breaking her glasses causing her not to be able to see.” The woman told deputies that when Horton reached the county barn, he “grabbed her and dragged her from the vehicle and threw her on the ground and started hitting her again.”

Deputies say the woman told them that a short time later, the individual from the home arrived and asked if everything was okay. She told deputies Horton instructed her to tell the individual to leave before he hurt them. The woman said Horton told the individual everything was okay, and the individual left.

Records indicate the woman told deputies that Horton then took her to a Chickasaw Travel Stop to get fuel for his truck. While there, the woman said, Horton hit her again and pressed a pistol to her head, telling her to “give him a reason not to shoot her.” The woman told deputies that Horton locked her in the truck and she was afraid he would “hurt her more” if she tried to leave. The woman told deputies that Horton continued to “hit her and himself” after leaving the travel stop until they encountered deputies on state Highway 1.

Records indicate the woman told deputies that once they initiated a traffic stop on the truck, Horton “began to take the loaded magazine out of his pistol.” She told deputies Horton told her to tell them “everything was okay” so they would “go away.”

Horton is scheduled to appear in Pontotoc County District Court Feb. 7, where authorities say they anticipate he will face kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, transporting a loaded firearm and domestic abuse charges.

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