071 Katie Eager Stonewall Hampshire Barrow

081 Caton Cooley Latta 4-H Hampshire Barrow

091 Bodrey Goodson Allen 4-H Shropshire Market Sheep

065 Harlee Palmer Stonewall FFA Crossbreed Market Sheep

097 Lane Wood Latta FFA Crossbreed Barrow

099 David Brewer Stonewall 4-H Shorthorn Heifer

066 Ashley Luce Vanoss FFA Crossbred Gilt

080 Riley Rockow Stonewall FFA Breeding Ewe

094 Preslee Cox Latta 4-H Hampshire Barrow

074 Addy Bailey Byng FFA Crossbreed Barrow

092 Emma Peay Allen FFA Crossbreed Barrow

093 Blayke Bolen Stonewall FFA Commercial Heifer

072 Bodey Ray Vanoss 4-H Doe Goat

073 Ace Wood Byng 4-H Crossbred Gilt

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