Man tries to steal bike in front of police station

An officer pointed a taser at the man before arresting him, according to local media. (Source: Gladstone Police Department/CNN)

GLADSTONE, OR (CNN) - Stealing from police officers is never a good idea.

Just ask the man who police caught on surveillance video attempting to do so.

Police later identified the bold man as Adam Valle.

Police say Valle tried to steal a bike from right outside of a police station in Oregon.

Gladstone Police shared video on social media.

The post read, “Suspect arrested for attempting to steal a bike…From the PD!!!!”

Police say Valle walked up to the bike with a pair of bolt cutters.

For about 30 seconds, the man tries to cut the lock off the bike.

An officer comes out, confronts him, then arrests him.

According to reports, Valle faces three separate charges.

Valle was arrested in November on similar charges, reports say.

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