- Ada, Oklahoma

June 16, 2014

The Ada News supports either Joy Hofmeister or Freda Deskin for state's schools

The Ada News

Ada —

State Superintendent of Public Education Janet Barresi is a leader with few followers.

Successful leaders know they must get buy-in in order to move an organization forward. Ada area school educators, indeed most educators statewide, say the current office holder has been aloof, condescending and dismissive of their abilities as educators. She has completely ignored their years of invaluable experience in coming up with realistic solutions for raising educational standards in Oklahoma.

As one local school superintendent said, a new state superintendent of public education would have a tremendous opportunity to effect change by reaching out and involving stakeholders to get a consensus.

Oklahoma’s primary election on Tuesday, June 24th offers the opportunity to return some common sense leadership to Oklahoma public schools. Our Republican candidate choice is Joy Hofmeister. She is a former member of the Oklahoma Board of Education who grew weary of what some refer to as Barresi’s “My way or the highway” approach.

Hofmeister is an educator who understands the need to work with classroom teachers and local administrators to implement needed reforms.

Primary elections in Oklahoma are not open. In other words, those registered as Republicans must vote for Republicans, registered Democrats can only vote for Democrats. Our choice on the Democratic side is Dr. Freda Deskin. She, too, is interested in getting stakeholders involved, including parents, educators, students, community members and legislators. She is an educator who earned her Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum and has helped create curriculum and standards for other states and national groups.

Because of the high profile nature of the presidency, voter turnout in off-year elections is traditionally much lower than those in which a president of the United States is up for election. A president’s impact on the lives of Oklahomans is minimal compared to that of a state superintendent of education whose every action affects our children and grandchildren.

Please vote June 24th to replace State Superintendent of Education Janet Barresi.