- Ada, Oklahoma


September 13, 2013

Memories on the field will last a lifetime


Ada —

At any rate, last Friday night's run by Windsor was identical to Cool's, with the exception that he's faster than Cool and probably cooler than Cool, if the truth be known.

Point is, it just goes to show you that what happens on plays like that stays with a person his whole life. Even governors and presidents can't shake those moments.

How did this story end? Well, the players went back to their huddles and two snaps later, Cool covered the final 20 yards to complete the drive.

Just the same, when the kid that moved saw Cool a few years ago at a high school reunion, he told him about the scar he'd left on his ribs on the left side.

Cool remembered the play. 

“I felt somebody coming up on me, and I tried to make a cut to shake him, but he didn't take the fake,” Cool said. 

“That was me, Cool,” the kid that moved told him with a belated sense of pride.

“Well, gosh, I'm sorry,” Cool said with a kind sincerity that wouldn't have been forthcoming 40 years earlier. 

“Oh, c'mon, that's just football,” the kid that moved said, still trying to impress Cool with his own toughness.

 The kid that moved still doesn't have a Galaxie with a continental kit, but he may have something more valuable.

He still has the memory of keeping Cool out of the end zone for two more plays.

Final score that night. Cool 36, The Kid That Moved 0.

No, I'm not going to tell you who that kid was, sonny. 

Just remember, the plays you make or don't make, right now, are going to be in your psyche for the rest of your life.

I can tell you this much. The kid that moved has always been glad he made the effort that allowed Cool to give him that scar. 

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