- Ada, Oklahoma


November 6, 2013

Ada-Douglass take four Friday


Ada —

Moses & White

When Ada head coach Matt Weber speaks of Douglass and longtime coach Stanford White, his tone and words reflect only admiration and respect.

White guided the Trojans from 1976 until his summer of 2004 retirement.

Current coach Willis Alexander brought the Trojans out of a down period from 2004-06 under longtime Trojan assistant Alonzo Shipp. He did it by returning to the discipline and values of the man he played under, Stanford White.

Though separated by a generation, White and Weber’s paths crossed while Weber was coaching in the Oklahoma City area.

“When I was an assistant at Carl Albert ('99-'03), we were in the same district and had some battles. They ran the wishbone then and ran it well,” Weber said.

White’s retirement coincided with Weber’s first stop as head coach, 2004-07 at Marlow.

The New Moses

The Cougars of a year ago were riding an undefeated, pretty much unchallenged season when they rolled into the new Moses F. Miller Stadium/Stanford White Field and the new Frederick H. Douglass High School.

The complex was financed by the MAPS for Kids sales tax. Some $30 million went into the site, with the new high school opening January 2006.

It was the first of three new high schools under MAPS for Kids. John Marshall and U.S. Grant followed. The new Grant was built on the old site. The new Marshall was built in far northwest Oklahoma City.

For Douglass, first came the demolition of the old stadium in January 2004 to make way for a new Douglass High. When the school was opened, the old school was demolished to serve as the site for the new stadium.

In 2007 the stadium opened partially, a late home opener with a win over Piedmont on Oct. 26. It was also the only home game, as first-year head coach Willis Alexander Jr. inaugurated the second coming of Moses F. Miller Stadium and the natural turf of Stanford White Field.

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