- Ada, Oklahoma

September 23, 2013

Black Heart Queens rough up foes

Jeff Cali Sports Editor

Ada —      Becky Bulldoz-Her of the Black Heart Queens was knocked hard to the skating rink floor just before halftime of her team’s roller derby bout against the Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel last Sunday at Ada’s Star Skate.

     Fortunately, the incident happened near her team's bench, and she didn’t have far to go to take a break.

     “You OK?” Bulldoz-Her was asked during the intermission.

     “Yeah. I think that girl was trying to take out my lung,” she said, only half kidding.

     “It got rough out there,” this sports writer said, stating the obvious.

     “They’re our rivals,” Bulldoz-Her said. “The last time we played them at their place, a fight broke out. That was two years ago, and this is the first time we’ve played them since.”

     The Queens, representing the local derby group South Central Roller Girls, lost the bout that took place in October of 2011 in Poteau. No one seems to remember the score. But the fight was about even. According to several accounts, a Sisterhood of Steel gal got mad and took a swing. Two players grappled to the floor. A dogpile ensued. Nobody got seriously hurt, and it broke up quickly. But still, it was obvious there was still some bad blood left over.

     The outcome of the rematch last Sunday in Ada was hardly ever in doubt. By the time Bulldoz-Her — Corri Carpenter — had finished licking her wounds, the Queens had already forged a 174-24 halftime lead.

     “There’s a mercy rule in roller derby now, but those girls won’t quit,” Bulldoz-Her said during the break. “We’re too rough and tough to give up. We’re girls, but we’re tough.”

     And she was right. The Sisterhood of Steel ignored the scoreboard, most likely wanting to get in a few more pushes and shoves and other stuff before the final seconds ticked off. And they got their wish. The second half was just as physical as the first. Olivia Newton John might have had a roller derby bout such as this in mind when she was making her hit single about getting physical.

     I asked the head referee, FixHer Upper (Shelby Spivey) of Oklahoma City, if he thought the bout was more physical than a normal roller derby bout, and he confirmed my suspicions.

     “Much more physical,” he said.

     It’s safe to say the Black Heart Queens got their revenge from the loss they suffered back in 2011. Final score: Queens 350, Sisterhood of Steel 72. It was the most points a South Central Roller Girls team had ever scored in a bout. Their previous high was during a 312-84 win over Red River Roller Derby last year.

     The statistics will tell you exactly how rowdy this bout got. The Sisterhood of Steel were called for a whopping 53 penalties, had two players foul out (after getting a seventh penalty) and Clobberin Time was ejected for a major misconduct infraction. The Black Heart Queens weren’t exactly playing nice, drawing 25 penalties of their own. At times, the penalty box was more crowded than the rink floor.

     Although she took her lumps — and probably dished out a few, too — Bulldoz-Her was named the bout’s MVP blocker for the Black Heart Queens. The slender, shifty, speedy Pun (Pun Chittchang) was the MVP jammer for the home team. Boosterseat was the MVP jammer for the Sisterhood of Steel, while Hate N Discontent was the visitors’ MVP blocker.

     Other members of the SCRG who competed last weekend’s bout included: Twisted Armani (Kari Larsen), Hoff the Chain (Katie Hoff), Justeen Beat-Her (Keishia McMahon), Lolo Beach (Pamela Chapman), Whoop C. Daisy (Jessica Underwood), Jagged Lil Kill (Samantha Smith), B.F. Skinya (Mandy Thompson) and Emma C. Hammer (Katy Lundberg).

     The Black Heart Queens' next bout is Nov. 2 in Fort Smith, Ark., against the River Valley Roller Girls.

     The South Central Roller Girls are in the midst of planning their 4th Annual Thanksgiving Mash Up, to be held at the Arbuckle Ball Room in Davis. A date hasn’t been nailed down yet for that event, in which skaters from all over can sign up and are divided into teams for a bout or two.