- Ada, Oklahoma


January 2, 2014

OSU offense must solve Missouri 'D'

Stillwater — The SEC has earned its name by defense. The Big 12 by offense. Oklahoma State and offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich look to get through the Missouri defense Friday during the Cotton Bowl.

The Big 12 and SEC showdown is sure to a game that will be eye-opening.

“We’re going to try to maintain balance. We’re not going to go into a game saying ‘we’re going to strictly run it’ or ‘we’re going to strictly throw it.’ We’re going to try to complement ourselves and make sure to take what the defense is giving us,’ Yurcich said.

Clint Chelf and the entire Oklahoma State offense will need to be on their game to keep the chains moving.

“Their front is a good bunch. They are very, very talented,” Yurcich said. “It’s not like you can just sit there and key on one guy. They have several guys that give them depth, so they’re fresh. They all get up field with athletisicm and have heavy hands and quick feet.”

Missouri was defeated by Auburn 59-42 in the SEC title game. Things that Auburn did and the Cowboys are capable of doing are comparable.

“You always try to take certain things away from each game that you watch. At the same time you have to do what you do. We can’t morph into just a totally different offense. There’s some things that Auburn does that we do and there some things that they do totally different than what we do,” Yurcich said.

OSU and Missouri have some things in common. The two teams both lost their final games of the year in what would have given each team a conference title. Both teams come into the Cotton Bowl at 10-2.

The Tigers’ defense is something that Yurcich and the Cowboys will aim at disecting.

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