Blake Bell, OU's backup QB

Blake Bell. (Jerry Laizure / The Transcript)

Stillwater NewsPress

There's a reason Oklahoma named sophomore quarterback Blake Bell its backup to Landry Jones on Tuesday.

School has started and the NCAA's 20-hour practice rule is in effect. Decisions have to be made about practice reps for players.

It means the Sooners practice time becomes condensed and there's only so many plays that can be run in practice. They have to be given to players that are going to play. It's why it becomes much harder to develop players during the season.

"You can only practice so much. We’re only allowed so much time out there," OU coach Bob Stoops said. "There’s a lot of great plays out there. That’s what people don’t get. Do you have the precision to practice them enough to be what you need them to be."

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