Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the town.

A lot of guys are not happy,

cause football season is winding down.

There are still plenty of bowl games,

to give us our fill.

And the NFL playoffs will take us,

to early next year.

The Dallas Cowboys won’t be around,

after having to fire ol’ Wade.

It was sad to see happen,

but the decision had to be made.

QB Michael Vick is playing well,

while McNabb has been replace in D.C.

Tony Romo is injured,

and Sam Bradford is the league’s top rookie.

Brett Favre’s last season with the Vikings,

and his fans are wondering what next?

Thanks to injuries his streak ended,

and he’s accused of sending bad texts.

The OU Sooners have put together,

two good games in a row.

First, they shot past OSU,

and had many Poke fans eating crow.

And in he Big 12 title game,

OU sent Nebraska on its way.

Maybe the Huskers will fare better

in the Big 10 where they will now play.

It’s off to the Fiesta Bowl,

to face UConn on New Year’s night.

It looks like the women’s basketball team,

would probably put up more of a fight.

And Texas had trouble,

barely getting any wins.

Can somebody remind me,

which bowl game the Longhorns play in?

OSU Mike Gundy must try,

to beat another (Mike) Stoops.

If the Pokes are to defeat Arizona,

they had best pack a lunch.

How about East Central

breaking that long losing skid!

The Tigers were impressive,

winning the LSC North like they did.

Then there was Stratford,

making it title game at state!

Very few expected those guys,

to keep playing that great.

Poor James Myers failed,

to win his fourth Prediction Race.

Sports Writer Bob Forrest,

left him with egg on his face.

Santa Cali wishes you all,

a great Christmas full of cheer.

Be safe in your travels,

and have a Happy New Year!

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