It’s no secret that I’m an OU fan.

Before I had taken my first step, I was chewing on a Sooner football and barfing on my OU bib. I never had to jump on the university’s bandwagon because I was aboard before it ever left the station. And since a granddaughter lives only a 3-wood and 9-iron from the OU campus, I admit I have a preference for red and white.

That said, it still seems fair that Oklahoma’s baseball squad was not invited to the NCAA Division 1 baseball tournament.

A few days before the opening game of the Big 12 Conference Tournament, OU head coach Sunny Golloway seemed confident that his Sooners would be among the 64 teams across the nation that would battle it out on the “Road to Omaha.”

“Golloway isn’t sweating OU’s NCAA hopes,” the headline of a sports column in a state newspaper screamed.

The day after the 64-team field was announced on a 30-minute ESPN Selection Special (the sports channel wasted our time with 478 hours of pre-NFL draft nonsense — 310 hours devoted to Mel Kiper Jr. telling us who was going where and when, the other 168 hours devoted to Mel telling why he didn’t know what he was talking about), the headline described Golloway in “shock” that OU was left holding their baseballs and jock straps.

Sunny, maybe you should have been “sweating it out.”

On the bright side, Golloway and his staff will now have time to look under every rock, atop every mountain, inside every cave for some pitching.

Golloway thinks seven Big 12 teams should have been selected. Of course he does. The real question is: How did six Big 12 Conference squads make the tournament field?

Sure, I’m disappointed that the Sooners were culled like an overripe melon. But this is one time that OU didn’t earn a shot at Omaha.

The Sooners’ embarrassing 11-16 conference record is Exhibit A. Perry Mason couldn’t even mount a winnable defense.

Awarding a team with a miserable conference record would only denigrate the importance of league play.

Brackets for the national championship should be filled with teams that have PLAYED themselves in, not teams that SHOULD have done this or that. Potential should not be part of the selection process.

Hopefully, the NCAA will enact a rule in the near future, requiring NCAA tournament teams to win at least half their conference games. That’s fair.

Yes, OU won a couple of Big 12 Tournament games — one, an impressive opening-round victory over No. 2 seed Missouri and two, a win over Oklahoma State when the Cowboys had a ninth-inning meltdown.

IF that isn’t enough to persuade even the most loyal Sooner fanatic, what about those horrendous black uniforms?

Yes, I said black.

While the color black is one of my favorites, it has no business on a squad that calls itself the “Big Red.”

When Golloway and his Sooners hit the field in the Big 12 Tournament against OSU, they were wearing those ugly, black tops. If you want black, go to Texas Tech and become buddies with Bobby Knight. The Sooners looked more like bearers at a Mafia funeral than University of Oklahoma players.

Why would Golloway and OU choose to wear Knight black instead of red and white? Haven’t red and white worked pretty fair in the past century?

The only answer provided was that Nike officials had asked the Sooners to wear black. Ludicrous! Is there anything that money can’t buy?

Nevertheless, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The bad news is that the Oklahoma Sooners were diamond underachievers who didn’t earn the opportunity to play for a spot in the 2007 College World Series.

The good news: OU’s black uniforms were perfect for mourning.

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