A funny thing happened to Coach K — and his pair of Duke superstars, J.J. Redick and Sheldon Williams — on their march to the Final Four: They got kicked all the way back to Tobacco Road with their heads between their legs. Former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson used to warn opposing teams to get ready for “40 Minutes of Hell” when they came to town. This year’s top seeds gave us “40 Minutes of Smell.”

What happened to top-seeded UConn with its stable of athletic wonders and their Hall-of-Fame coaching wizard Jim Calhoun?

And what about Memphis and its master at the helm, John Calipari? Two things from Memphis didn’t show up last weekend: Elvis —with his long sideburns and his beer belly and the Memphis basketball team. There were sightings of them both, but that’s all.

The other top seed, Villanova, must have left its playbook back in Philadelphia, where they can’t expect any “brotherly” love after their ugly performance against Florida.

What happened to the feared Big East Conference that had nine — count ‘em, nine — teams in the tournament? None made it to the Final Four.

And what about the media’s darling, the ACC Conference?

Yes, the nation’s “best” coaches and “best” players will be watching the Final Four on TV. I love it (except those low-down UConn Huskies cost me the prediction title — I will never forgive them. Somehow, James Myers’ ugly performance was less uglier than the rest of ours. That ain’t right!)

Meanwhile, LSU, George Mason, Florida and UCLA will play for all the marbles next weekend.

The teams in the Final Four proves the renowned Selection Committee doesn’t know any more about picking winners than we do. Not a single top seed made it to Indianapolis’ RCA Dome.

The best teams in the nation are LSU, the No. 4 seed in the Atlanta Regions; UCLA, the No. 2 seed in the Oakland Region; George Mason, the No. 11 seed in the Washington Region, and Florida, the No. 3 seed in the Minneapolis Region.

The top teams in the nation went from prime time to no time; showtime to bedtime; penthouse to the outhouse.

The biggest shocker was the George Mason squad that stunned No. 1 seed UConn 86-84 in a thrilling (heartbreaking for me) overtime NCAA Tournament game on Sunday at the Verizon Center. The Patriots are the first No. 11 seed to reach the Final Four since 1986. The Patroits take on Florida in the national semifinals Saturday.

Mason is also the first Colonial Athletic Association team in history to go to the Final Four.

Mason hit six straight three-pointers in the second half, shot 5-for-6 in overtime and outrebounded the Huskies 37-34. Somebody forgot to tell them that they were supposed to lay down and play dead for the overrated Huskies.

Yes, George Mason is this year’s Cinderella team. No doubt about it, the slipper fit.

In case you’ve never heard of George Mason University, it’s located in Fairfax, Va. The school was named after George Mason (makes sense), a Virginia statesman and plantation owner (Wonder what he thought about his all-black team? What’s the rarest thing in the Final Four? A white boy.) during and after the Revolutionary War. He played an important role in the Constitutional Convention, although he refused to sign the final draft of the Constitution.

Perhaps, Mason’s most important work was his part in writing the Declaration of Rights as a member of the Virginia Convention in May 1776.

Who’s going to win the national championship this year? Since none of us has a team left, I don’t care.

Well, if I did care, I’d like to see the Patriots win one for all the little guys in college basketball.

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