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Up and over Ada's Travis Cowan competes in the 110 Meter Hurdlers at the Reirdon Relays earlier this spring. Cowan placed fifth in that same race Friday at the John Jacobs Invitational in Norman and placed second in the 300 Meter Hurdles.

Photo by Jeanie Neal
Ada Evening News

Friday’s Results

John Jacobs Invitational

At the University of Oklahoma

Ada Individual Results


110m Hurdles: 5. Travis Cowan, 15.59

300m Hurdles: 2. Travis Cowan, 39.56

1600m Run: 4. Steven Davidson, 4:56

3200m Run: 5. Colin Earle. 10:40

Long Jump: 2. Nick Anderson, 21’-9”

4 x 400m Relay: 5. Ada (Ramsey Maxwell, Nick Anderson, Nathan Blakley, Travis Cowan), 3:38


High Jump: 3. Jenna Huling, 4’-10”

COACHES QUOTE: “We were happy with how our kids went out, and got after it in very tough conditions. I have never been to a meet where the wind was that much of a factor. They cancelled the Boys High Jump because the standards kept blowing over. We still had some impressive preformances — Travis Cowan ran a great time in the 300 Hurdles and Nick Anderson keeps getting better in the Long Jump. He set a personal record against a powerful cross wind,” — Ada head coach Nathan Elliott.

Up Next: Ada at OBU Invitational Tuesday; Ada at Ardmore Invitational Friday.


Friday’s Results

Wynnewood Invitational

Byng Individual Results


800m Run: 5. Sarah Harris 2:54; 6. Shay Grove, 2:54

3200m Relay: 3. Byng (Sarah Harris, Nikki Deering, Brenna Williamson, Shay Grove),11:41

1600m Run: 3. Grove , 6:19 ; 6. Harris, 6:52


3200m Relay: 4. Byng (Chase Sorrels, Colton Orphan, Taylor Davis, Jerald McDonald), 9:15

800m Run: 3. Sorrels, 2:11

1600m Run: 1. Sorrels 5:08 ; 4. Orphan 5:21

COACHES QUOTE: “Both teams today faced the toughest running conditions we’ve seen in quite some time. It was cold wit 50-plus mile per hour wind gusts. We still have a couple of weeks to work before the Regional on April 30,” — Byng track cocah Clint McGaha.

Up Next: Byng  at Marietta Friday.

Wynnewood Invitational

Konawa Individual Results


400m Dash: 3. Caitlyn Jesse, 1:06.45

800m Run: 1. Caitlyn Jesse, 2:36.94

100m Hurdles: 2. Jennifer West, 17.20

300m Hurdles: 3. Jennifer West, 53.21

High Jump: 2. (tie) Jennifer West, 4’8”


100m Dash: 2. Alex Yellowfish, 11.07

200m Dash: 2. Alex Yellowfish, 24.17

800m Run: 3 Landon Rodriquez, 2:14

3200m Run: 2. Jacob Garner, 11:24

3200m Relay: 3. Konawa (Landon Rodriquez, Jacob Garner, Devin Terry, Alex Yellowfish) 9:15.

Up Next: Konawa at Tiger Invitational Friday, 10 a.m.


Friday’s Results

Seminole 7th-8th Grade Meet

Byng Individual Results

7th Boys

800m Run: 4. Justin Williamson, 2:50; 5. Riley Daniel, 2:52

1600m Run: 1. Justin Williamson, 6:09; 3. Riley Daniel, 6:21

8th Girls

3200m relay: 2. Byng (Brittany Stone, Kolbie Bailey, Hayley Reeves, Dominique Lyon), 12:42

800m Run: 6. Bailey, 3:06

400m Dash: 2. Lyon, :68

8th Boys

3200m Relay: 2. (Patrick Leonard, Josh Jones, Dineh Bohan, Atticus Wade),10:10

800m Run: 5. Leonard, 2:35

400m Dash: 2. Wade, :60

1600m Run: 2. Leonard , 5:35; 4. Wade, 5:35

Up Next: Byng at Sulphur April 25.


Saturday’s Results

Junior High

At Plainview Track Meet

Ada Individual Results


7th Grade

400 M Relay: 3. Ada (Wilson, Brown, Pottebaum, Walker)

100 M Hurdles: 3. Weeks

800 M Relay: 5. Ada (Weeks, Pottebaum, Wilson, Walker)

100 M Dash: 2. Wilson

400 M Dash: 3. Walker, 5. Pottebaum

1600 M Relay: 3. Ada (Pottebaum, Brown, Wilson, Walker)

8th Grade

400 M Dash: 5. Rhynes

200 M Dash: 3. Wells

1600 M Relay: 4. Ada (Gray, Walker, Cooper, Wells)


7th Grade Boys

400 M Relay: 3. Ada (Frazier, Grimes, Carpitcher, Windsor)

3200 M Relay: 2. Ada (Baker, Godwin, Frazier, Grimes)

100 M Hurdles: 2. Grimes

300 M Hurdles: 5. Carpitcher

1600 M Run: 4. Briggs

High Jump: 1. Windsor; 3. Carpitcher; 4. Grimes

Long Jump: 1. Windsor

8th Grade Boys

400 M Relay: 1. Ada (Harrison, Allison, Gutierrez, Prince)

3200 M Relay: 2. Ada (Degraw, Morgan, Frazier, Gutierrez)

100 M Hurdles: 3. Black

800 M Run: 4. Morgan

100 M Dash: 1. Allison; 2. Harrison; 5. Degraw

400 M Dash: 1. Prince; 2. Gutierrez

300 Hurdles: 4. Gutierrez

200 M Dash: 1. Allison; 2. Harrison; 3. Prince; 5. Lancaster

1600 M Relay: 1. Ada (Harrison, Allison, Morgan, Prince), 3:49:86

Shot Put: 1. Ogles; 2. Dickerson

Discus: 1. Ogles; 5. Woodward

High Jump: 1. Degraw

Long Jump: 4.  Degraw; 5. Gregory.

COACHES QUOTE: “We are extremely proud of our junior high track athletes.  Progress was shown at each meet, and we are looking forward to next spring,” — Ada coach Leslie Dominick-Landrum.

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