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One of six Greater Ada Swim Club member Thaddaeus McClain was one of six local swimmers to compete at a meet in Harrah last Saturday.

Photo courtesy Greater Ada Swim Club

Six young members of Greater Ada Swim Club traveled to Harrah Saturday morning for a short program of sprint events at the Harrah High School pool.

The meet was conducted by Harrah Varsity Swimming and it gave the two dozen Ada and Harrah youngsters a chance to compete in a 'practice meet' as a learning experience.

During a short break in the meet Thaddaeus McClain won a cash door prize and Rodrigo Marin was surprised with the singing of "Happy Birthday" in honor of his special day.




50 yard freestyle

Katie Clark 41.24

Maddie Urlaub 50.79

Maggie Summers 55.85

Michelle Marin 1:00.68

50 yard back

Katie Clark 51.28

Maddie Urlaub 59.82

Michelle Marin 1:09.27

Maggie Summers 1:26.89

50 yard breast

Maddie Urlaub 1:01.23

Katie Clark 1:03.01

Maggie Summers 1:21.42

Michelle Marin 1:37.78

50 yard butterfly

Katie Clark 42.44

Maddie Urlaub 53.52

Michelle Marin 1:16.81

Maggie Summers 1:20.31


50 yard freestyle

Rodrigo Marin 42.36

Thaddaeus McClain 44.97

50 yard back

Thaddaeus McClain 1:00.21

Rodrigo Marin 1:03.73

50 yard breast

Thaddaeus McClain 1:02.26

Rodrigo Marin 1:06.00

50 yard butterfly

Rodrigo Marin 59.31

Thaddaeus McClain 1:13.43

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