Greater Ada Swim Club competed in Oklahoma City last weekend in the Halloween Invitational Swim Meet hosted by Chesapeake Swim Club.

A total of 444 swimmers from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas participated in a full program of USA Swimming events. Events were swum for time only and not for individual placings, as this was an early-season competition.

The nine locals posted 38 personal best times in 40 individual appearances, broke four team records, won two heats and achieved seven new USA Swimming time standards. In addition, Samantha Perry and Caleb Bonar qualified for the 2009 Oklahoma State Age Group Championships in five events; they will join teammate Dalton Walker who has already achieved qualifying times in three individual events.

Upcoming events include a meet in Oklahoma City late next month as well as the official start of the OSSAA Varsity Swimming season this weekend.



GIRLS 9-10

100 yard freestyle

Samantha Perry 1:21.75, Personal Best, Heat Winner, Team Record, B Time, State Qualifier

Jessica Lotter 1:48.70, Personal Best

200 yard freestyle

Samantha Perry 3:01.93, Personal Best, Team Record, B Time, State Qualifier

50 yard back

Samantha Perry 46.93, Personal Best, B Time

Jessica Lotter 52.95, Personal Best

50 yard breast

Samantha Perry 46.96, Personal Best, Heat Winner, Team Record, BB Time, State Qualifier

100 yard individual medley

Samantha Perry 1:34.14, Personal Best, B Time, Team Record, State Qualifier

GIRLS 11-12

100 yard freestyle

Makayla Bray 1:28.71, Personal Best

Aubrey Wipfli 1:54.60, Personal Best

Courtney Brundidge 2:02.13, Personal Best

50 yard back

Makayla Bray 47.83, Personal Best

Courtney Brundidge 49.29, Personal Best

Aubrey Wipfli 56.97, Personal Best

50 yard breast

Aubrey Wipfli 1:00.09, Personal Best

Makayla Bray 1:00.30, Personal Best

GIRLS 12 and Under

200 yard freestyle relay

Brundidge, Wipfli, Bray, Perry 2:55.60

BOYS 13-14

200 yard freestyle

Kiyaanii Bohan 2:42.28, Personal Best

100 yard back

Kiyaanii Bohan 1:24.62, Personal Best

100 yard breast

Kiyaanii Bohan 1:35.43, Personal Best

200 yard individual medley

Kiyaanii Bohan 2:57.26, Personal Best

BOYS 15-16

50 yard freestyle

Caleb Bonar 26.88, Personal Best, BB Time, State Qualifier

Colton Lott 27.63, Personal Best

James Tillison 30.15, Personal Best

100 yard freestyle

Caleb Bonar 1:02.14, Personal Best, B Time

Colton Lott 1:04.72, Personal Best

James Tillison 1:10.93, Personal Best

200 yard freestyle

Caleb Bonar 2:22.99, Personal Best

Colton Lott 2:28.48

James TIllison 2:51.08, Personal Best

500 yard freestyle

Colton Lott 6:47.71

James Tillison 7:31.36, Personal Best

100 yard back

Caleb Bonar 1:12.12, Personal Best

Colton Lott 1:24.64, Personal Best

James Tillison 1:42.17, Personal Best

100 yard breast

Colton Lott 1:23.45, Personal Best

Caleb Bonar 1:33.64, Personal Best

James Tillison 1:44.77, Personal Best

200 yard breast

Colton Lott 2:56.94, Personal Best

James Tillison 3:42.59, Personal Best

100 yard butterfly

Colton Lott 1:17.99, Personal Best

200 yard individual medley

Colton Lott 2:45.70, Personal Best

BOYS 13 and Over

200 yard freestyle

Bohan, Tillison, Lott, Bonar 1:57.20