Leo Kelley relied on one of his patented late-season runs to capture his unprecedented fourth Ada Evening News Football Prediction Race championship in six years.

Kelley’s Nostradamas-like performance moved the Swami past AEN Sports Editor Jeff Cali, who claimed three titles back during his prime in the 20th century.

James “There’s Always Next Year or the Year After That” Myers put up a valiant effort but started leaking oil down the stretch and had to settle for another runner-up finish. He’s been a bridesmaid more times than Elizabeth Taylor’s sister.

Cali showed signs of his past glory with a third-place finish, while those pesky, tenancious Beasley Boys were nipping at the Big Fella’s heels, coming up a game short.

Sports writer Bob Forrest looked like a contender during the first half of the 15-week marathon, but then it went sour and sourer. But he did “earn” a fifth-place finish, just ahead of the cellar-dwelling yet talented cast of guests.

The AEN crew wishes all you prediction fans (and everyone else) a great holiday season and a new year that will be the best you’ve ever had.

Leo Kelley

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