I’m not sure anyone keeps up with flat track roller derby records — I actually tried to look it up, but to no avail — but I’m guessing that Emma C. Hammer of the Black Heart Queens was in a league of her own during her team’s bout with the DFW Derby Demolition March 30 at Star Skate.

“I’m so tired,” the Hammer said as she skated over for a postgame interview session.

She couldn’t help but be tired. 

The talented jammer — whose real name is Katy Lundberg — scored an eye-popping 134 points in the first HALF against the Texas team. She would finish with 205 in the Queens’ lopsided 280-99 victory in the first home bout of the season for the South Central Roller Girls team.

When informed of her high-scoring night, Lundberg deflected the credit to her teammates.

“I had good blocking. They played good defense and opened up holes and let me get through there. Or is it offense? I told you I was tired,” she said.

Injuries put a damper on the big victory. Early in the first half, Justeen Beat-Her (Keshia McMahon) of the Black Heart Queens took a hard landing and suffered a broken arm. She’s likely to miss most of — if not the entire — the rest of the season.

Then, with 10:48 left in the game, the double-tough Becky Bulldoz-Her (Corri Carpenter) fell backwards, banged her head on the rink floor and was diagnosed with a concussion. While she admitted she was a bit skittish, she was back on the rink during the Over the Painbo Mash Up on April 5 at the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis.

That left an already short-handed Black Heart Queens even more short-handed by the end of the bout with the DFW Demolition.

“We were down to eight players at the end. You don’t have the luxury of taking time off. You just have to keep going out there,” Lundberg said.

She did, and she just kept scoring and scoring for the Queens.The local girls led 161-40 at halftime, with Lundberg supplying the aforementioned 134 of those points. Included in the first-half performance were jams of 25, 25 and 23 points.

“Emma is a great jammer. She has the speed and agility and doesn't let anyone stand in her way,” said teammate and captain Hoff the Chain (Katie Hoff). “If the other team's blockers have a good wall set up, she pushes hard until she's through, then just flies around the track getting as many points as she can in one jam.”

This matchup was over almost as quickly as it started. The Queens raced to a 14-0 lead. After DFW trimmed its deficit to 18-7, the BHW scored an incredible 59 unanswered points to take a commanding 76-7 lead at the halfway point of the first session, thanks in part to the skating prowess of Emma C. Hammer.

Lundberg’s real job is a nurse in Oklahoma City, but she spends nearly as much time playing and promoting roller derby as she does helping folks feel better. She officially joined the South Central Roller Girls last October but played with them during some bouts before becoming an official member.

“I love playing with this team. It’s so much fun. It’s a very small team, but that makes us better. You get to know each other so well because you skate with the same players all the time,” Lundberg said.

Hoff said she was pleased with the enthusiastic crowd for the first home bout of 2014. The Queens are now 3-0 on the young season after winning previous games at Wichita Falls, Texas and Poteau.

“We were happy with the turnout, and the fans seemed to be having fun. I could hear everyone cheering and getting excited during the game. Overall, the bout was a success,” Hoff said.

The next chance to catch the Black Heart Queens in action at home is May 31, when the OKC Wolf Pack visits Star Skate. Other home dates include July 12 vs. the Capital City Crushers and Aug. 9 vs. CARD.