AEN Sports Writer Bob Forrest can thank Texas Longhorn quarterback Vince Young for his victory in the 2005 Ada Evening News Bowl Prediction Race.

The Texas win over USC in the Rose Bowl gave the wily veteran an 18-10 record. Kevin Gray also finished 18-10, but Bob claimed the win on the dreaded tiebreaker (total points scored by Texas and USC).

Rising prediction star Brenda Muntz (who would have won with a USC win) finished a game back with AEN Publisher Loné Beasley.

Three Hall-of-Fame prognosticators — James Myers, Jeremy Cantrell and Leo Kelley — were two games off the pace, while Sports Editor Jeff Cali, Vicki Castle, Kenna Roberts and down-on-his-luck Chuck Muntz put up a good fight but finished three games back.

Forrest’s win automatically qualifies him for a spot in the Prediction Hall of Fame. His life’s ambition has been accomplished.

Leo Kelley

Final standings

1. Bob Forrest

2. Kevin Gray

3. Brenda Muntz

Loné Beasley

5. James Myers

Jeremy Cantrell

Leo Kelley

8. Vicky Castle

Kenna Roberts

Jeff Cali

Chuck Muntz

12. Justin Tinder

13. Rob Walton