I’ve only been more proud maybe twice: my wedding day to my hometown sweetheart and the birth of my son. But the remarkable achievement by the Beasley Boys has to rank third.

After years of frustration, the B-Boys cranked out an amazing 8-2 in Week 9 of the 2010 Ada Evening News Football Prediction Race. That spectacular effort has vaulted the Dynamic Duo atop the standings, and the ‘Boys are threatening to kick dirt in the face of that Leo Kelley-wannabee, James Myers.

With only six weeks remaining, the Beasley Boys are now favored to rope in their first title, which would earn them entrance into the Prediction Hall of Fame in Allen, Okla. What an honor!

It looks like the snakebitten AEN Sports Editor Jeff Cali — who dominated the annual race back in the long-ago 1990s — is destined for another middle-of-the-pack finish. However, the grisly veteran is only six games back, and you never can count the Big Fella out. He still may have a trick or two up his sleeves, under his hat and several other places.

The Hall-of-Famer, Myers, is also lurking like a dark, ugly cloud. But he has been known to choke like a mule, at least before he began his dominance (an asterisk must be placed next to his Kelley-less championships).

And Sport Writer Bob Forrest could have one of his patented runs left. Bob has to win a title someday, doesn’t he?

The real surprise has been the pesky Guests. Only three games off the pace, they’re depending on DA Chris Ross to make his usual move. I don’t believe the rumor that Chris spent more time at the football field than he did at the college law library.

Unfortunately, Staff Writer Randy Mitchell has all but secured the dark, dreaded, dank, smelly, scary AEN Football Prediction Race cellar. Poor Randy. He doesn’t deserve it. Those lousy Dallas Cowboys are killin’ him. I once had a peek down at the cellar. I still have nightmares about it. Fortunately, I couldn’t see much of it for all the empty chip and candy wrappers and empty Pepsi bottles left behind by Jeff during one ugly winter in that dungeon. Maybe Randy will clean up that nasty place. Then again, I’m hoping he has a couple 10-0 weeks to get him back into contention.

Matthew Beasley, the junior partner of the Beasley Boys’ conglomerate, was humble about his role in the meteoric rise of the Dynamic Duo.

“I’ve pleaded with my dad for years to consider my picks,” Matt complained. “He finally did, and you can see where we are.”

Loné Beasley, the senior partner, was philosophical about the Beasley Boys’ recent domination.

“They say good things come to those who wait,” he said. “I have a feeling this is our year, our year to finally win it all. We’ve been close before, but it just feels right this time. The planets are aligned and everything. We have those other stiffs and slugs right where we want them — choking like a mule.”

Good luck, Beasley Boys. It’s all over but the cryin’.

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