It’s a cryin’ shame!

America’s Team has scraped the bottom of the barrel.

How desperate can Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Bill Parcells be?

It was announced Saturday that the ‘Boys had signed the most reviled character since Santa Anna in Texas history. Yes, Terrell Owens, the same prima donna who stomped on Dallas’ star logo twice while he was disrupting the San Francisco 49ers.

After trashing every squad he’s played for, Owens was given a $25 million contract by Jones. The deal includes a $5 million signing bonus, with salaries of $5 million this year, $8 million in 2007 and $7million in 2008.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Jones — an egotistical multi-millionaire who would stoop to any level to win an NFL championship — would risk welcoming a cancer to Big D. But not Parcells. Say it ain’t so that the Big Tuna would go along with this travesty.

Owens will do for the Cowboys what he did for the 49ers and Eagles. Oh, it will be a happy marriage for awhile. Everyone will cower down to T.O. and a few wins will elate fickle Dallas fans. But the real Owens will surface at some point and the honeymoon will be over.

NFL owners had a golden opportunity to teach Owens and others who put themselves above team that they are responsible for their actions. They had a chance to show the pompous T.O. and others of his ilk that they aren’t above the law of human dignity. Had every owner refused to sign Owens, he’d soon be flipping burgers at the fast-food joint nearest you. Too bad it didn’t happen. That would be justice to hear Owens ask, “Do you want fries with that?”

But Jones sent the opposite message to our youth, one that rings loud and clear: No matter how disruptive, no matter how many rules one has broken time after time, T.O. and others can be assured that one of the NFL’s fat-cat owners will be unable to resist the temptation.

“I’m going to put those things behind me,” Owens told the Associated Press at the conference.

Following up a question to Jones about Owens’ past, the receiver interjected: “Jerry, I know what’s expected of me,” he said. “I won’t let you down.”

Sure you won’t, T.O.

T.O. and Jerry. Not exactly a marriage made in heaven.

The comical thing about this ridiculous affair is that Owens really believes he’s going to be a good boy at Dallas.

But the more things change, the more they remain the same. The honeymoon — and it could take some time — will eventually end in a firestorm.

I’ve been a Cowboy fan since the franchise entered the league way back when. But it’s over! As long as Owens, Jones or Parcells are part of the team, I hope they never win another game as long as T.O. is there. It would be only right.

How long will it take a hothead quarterback like Drew Bledsoe to realize that he has to bow down to T.O.? That’s going to be fun to watch.

Owens has been sent a clear message: After he wears out his welcome in Dallas — and it’ll happen — he can be certain that some insecure owner will stoop down and offer millions to win a Super Bowl.

But there’s a reason why malcontents like Owens and Barry Bonds are always watching the World Series and Super Bowl on television — they’re a poison to their teams, they’re the disrupters who prevent unity.

No doubt, Terrell Owens is a talented football player. But he’s a nightmare of a teammate.

A message has been sent: America’s Team has no honor. The signing of Terrell Owens is just the latest example of a system gone bad, a society gone haywire.

Jones and other NFL owners had a chance to make an example of Terrell Owens. Unfortunately, they decided to take the low road.

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