Friday’s Results



At Henryetta Tournament

Team Standings

1. Byng    25

(tie) Perry    25

3. Seminole    22

4. Anadarko    21

Byng Individual Results


1. Lexie Maytubby (Anadarko) def. Gentry Fisher (Byng), 6-0, 6-0 (Championship)

2. Gaby Fowler (Byng) def. Megan Nelson (Henryetta), 6-2, 6-0 (3rd Place)


1. Mallory Jones-Emily Noble (Byng) def. Unah-Wright (Anadarko), 6-1, 6-2 (3rd Place)

2. Shani Cassell-Kelsi Jones (Byng) def. Angel-Gonzalez (Anadarko), 6-2, 6-3 (3rd Place)

NOTEWORTHY: Gentry Fisher's runner-up finish in No. 1 singles paced Byng to a share of the team title.  The Lady Pirates were third in No. 1 and 2 Doubles, and Gaby Fowler scored an easy win in the third-place match in No. 2 Singles.

Up Next: Byng vs. Harrah and Durant Tuesday, 2:45 p.m. at East Central University.

Thursday’s Results

Junior High


At Tecumseh Tournament

Team Standings

1. Byng    34

2. Mustang North    26

3. Mustang South    21

3. Henryetta    21


1. Caleb Shaw (Byng) def. Colin Jennings (Harrah), 8-5 (Championship)

2. Paul Snyder (Byng) def. Anthony Ducote (Edm. Sequoyah), 8-1 (Championship)


1. Lee-Csai (Mustang North) def. Clay Patterson-Jared Perkins (Byng), 8-2 (Championship)

2. Trevor Reed-Zac Milliren (Byng) def. Cao-Tran (Mustang North), 8-5 (Championship)


Team Standings

1. Byng    33

2. Mustang South    30

3. Harrah     20

4. Edmond Cimarron     19


1. Andrea Burnsworth (Byng) def. Alex Thomas (Mustang South), 8-4 (Championship)

2. Kalina Popova (Byng) def. Blake Blessington (Harrah), 8-5 (3rd Place)


1. Samantha Jones-Kaitlyn Atkeson (Byng) def. Yocum and Underwood (M. South), 8-6 (Championship)

2. Hannah Fortner-Melissa Hernandez (Byng) def. Sullivan-Hicks (M. South), 8-6 (Championship)

NOTEWORTHY: Byng's boys and girls junior high squads both won their fourth straight tournament championships. 

Up Next: Byng girls at Ada Jr High Tournament Friday; Byng boys at Ada Junior High Tournament Saturday.

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