- Ada, Oklahoma

November 1, 2012

Need for Electoral College is challenged

Gene Lehmann Managing Editor
The Ada News

Ada —  

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole peered into the proverbial tea cup, read the leaves and came to an unusual conclusion.

Mitt Romney will run the table on President Barack Obama this Tuesday, thus becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Cole, Fourth District U.S. Congressman in town Tuesday to provide the weekly address to Ada Lions Club members and also to spend time visiting with the publisher and editor of The Ada News, ticked off the states Romney will carry Tuesday.

Arizona, with 11 electoral votes. Colorado with 9. Iowa with 6. New Hampshire with 4. Virginia with 13. North Carolina with 15. Florida with 29. Wisconsin with 10. And, the most surprising prediction by Cole — Romney wins Ohio with 18.

That would give the GOP standard-bearer 321 electoral college votes, 51 more than needed to be elected president.

Cole is a highly intelligent, kindly gentlemen with the political savvy of a Ph.D. political scientist and the history chops of a multi-book published historian. With a wry grin, he defends his predictions by saying simply: “I’m a Republican and I want my guy to win.”

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