- Ada, Oklahoma

June 20, 2011

Sounding Board, 6-19-11


Ada — "I agree with the person who called in last week about Relay for Life. I thought it was a family-oriented event also. I will no longer take my children to this event. I disagree with the  disgraceful display in the effort to raise money. There are other more tasteful ways to raise money."

"As Christians Christ told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. I know a Christian person who lost a loved one and has no family or friends. The Christian community does not check on this person to see if there are any needs. Such as how is your health? Do you need anything? Do you need to go anywhere? How is your emotions holding out? I am reminded of the story when Richard Nixon resigned his presidency. He ordered everyone out of his office and wanted to see Billy Graham. Billy Graham was advised not go see him. To which he replied, the shepherd never leaves the sheep. Are you a good shepherd? Do you visit the sheep? If not you are neglecting the sheep."

"I wanted to make a comment about the construction going on North Crownpoint off Arlington Street. The traffic is one way and there is a sign that says 'no through traffic.' What that means is if you pull in there and you get behind a street worker, garbage truck, mail truck, UPS truck, Fed-Ex truck or Schwan's man you will have to wait until that person gets his business done on that street because you cannot pass on that street. If you pull in there it is your own fault.

"To all those accusing others of some kind of wrong -doing, be reminded of what Jesus said to those accusing the woman caught in adultry. 'He who is without sin cast the first stone.' What were these self-rightous people doing by being peeping toms? Makes you wonder what these modern accusers are doing?"

"With the politicians gearing up for the next election, remember the word politics is from two words. The Greek word for 'poly' is many. And we are all familiar with ticks. We were really taken by them in the last election."