- Ada, Oklahoma

August 13, 2011

Sounding Board

The Ada News

Ada —  

"He who does not believe in God and the truth in Christianity cannot believe in He who is."


"The key to the book of Revelation  has been hanging at the door in Revelation 1 and Rev. 3 all along. Bible scholars and teachers have failed to notice it. If you say you believe the Bible and miss this then you don't believe the Bible. Look it up for yourself. Charles Spurgen said 'I will follow scripture whereever it will lead me and will renounce the most cherished opinions rather than change or alter a single syllable of God's word."


"This is the first time I have called the Sounding Board. I want to thank the local merchants in Ada who support the military discount. I am surprised at the number of merchants who don't offer that. I really appreciate the merchants who have given me a military discount. I really appreciate that."


"I have heard that Ada should be like Edmond. My heart goes out to those poor people in Edmond. I know what it is like to lose everything they have worked all their life for. Be careful what you wish for. Those people have had a hard time and Ada doesn't want that."


"I read in the paper where the people in Hammond Heights addition were upset with the speed and progress and promises they say have been broken from the city about their streets. We, too, are a little bit upset. The people that live around east 18th Street.  They promised and everytime they want a vote and the infrastructure money that 18th needs to have something done.

Yet, I know of no money that has ever been spent on 18th street. If you have ever been behind (or in front) of an ambulance going down 18th street, it is a little scary with the siren going on. It is amazing to me they are spending money on Crownpoint which was in better shape than 18th or most of the the streets in Hammond Heights. I guess they are saving 18th Street until they need another vote on infrastructure money. The city needs to do something with 18th Street."