- Ada, Oklahoma

May 16, 2011

Sounding Board, 5-15-11

Ada Evening News

Ada — "There were 7,000 pounds of Vidala onions sold in the Ada area. All the proceeds went to the Shrine's children's hospital transportation fund. Thanks for your support."

"People say the economy in Ada is improving. Mr. Southard has even said there is no loss of jobs here. However, if a person is over the age of 30, has work experience and a college degree there's no job for that person. in Ada. They  are wasting their time applying here. They only want people with no college degree or experience so they can pay minimum wage. We teach young people to get a college degree so they can make something of themselves. But, persons with a college degree in this town is over qualified."

"If the state legislature would cut the millions they are giving in tax credits to the oil and gas industry, there wouldn't be a budget shortfall. Public schools and higher education wouldn't have to suffer cuts and people would not have to be laid off."

"I wish to thank Gov. Mary Fallin and the author of HB 2131, Kris Steele of Shawnee. It has been needed for a very long time. Thank you Gov. Fallin for signing it. I voted for you and you have not disappointed me on your stand on abortion or this prison bill.  I think it will change many lives for the better. If we can get young people with drug or alcohol addictions  into a good treatment program or community service instead of punishment it will be a blessing to many as well as saving the state money."