- Ada, Oklahoma

April 16, 2011

Sounding Board

Ada Evening News

Ada —  

“Some of your editorials have been a little bit misleading. Our high oil prices do not have anything to do with the Middle East. We don’t use Middle Eastern oil in this country. If it we get it from outside of this country, it comes from Canada and Mexico and maybe a little bit from Venezuela. Right now, British Petroleum Company is controlling our price. Our local producers from which we get so much of our economy can’t even sell our oil, it’s sitting in tanks. We’ve got tons of oil, but we have a few major oil companies controlling the House of Representatives. Look what’s happened since November.”




“The government has good ideals to settle the budget, only if the politicians would take a cut in pay we would be out of debt. If hospitals and doctors would stop charging so much for Medicare, we would surely be out of debt.”