- Ada, Oklahoma

September 18, 2011

Sounding Board

The Ada News

Ada —  

"Does it really make any sense for East Central University to feature the Hallie Brown Ford Center as the star in our arts district, if you are going to build on the closest parking lot? To me that doesn't make sense. That is cutting down on use of the theater if there is no easy access to parking."


Nowhere does Jesus ever make the slightest reference to his coming as being in the far distance future —  hundreds and thousands of years away.

So then why do Bible teachers keep on saying in our time, Jesus is coming soon? It was soon to those in his day. But, he did not mean it would be soon to us hundreds of years later. Do you suppose that  Jesus, the divine Son of God got his timing mixed up and said what he didn't mean to say? Or did it happen as he said it would, whether we understand it or not?

Check this scripture for yourself. 'For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works. There shall be some standing here that will not taste of death until they see  the Son of man coming in his kingdom.' Matt. 16:27-28.

It happened in AD 70, so don't tell me those to whom he spoke are still standing and waiting."


'For all those tattoo fans it may surprise you to know that the Bible speaks against it. 'You shall not make any cutting in your flesh for the dead nor tattoo any marks on you. I am the Lord.' Lev. 19:28. Check it out for yourself. I am surprised Christians have never discovered it."


"There should be a way to take your name off a mailing list for junk mail, especially organizations requesting donations. They seem to target the elderly who feel like they owe a bill when they receive it and that is just not right.'


"A recent letter to the editor is filled with inaccuracies. The main one that bothered me is the one that said an increase in immigrants will be an increase in voter registration for Democrats. Doesn't the author know that you have to be an American citizen to be able to vote? This type of Tea Party ignorance guiding our country without basic facts or knowledge of how our democracy works is a scary thing. The author warns against Sharia Law. This has nothing to do with us. Any law that we have has a set way in which they are passed. We are not affected by another country or particular religion's laws. Get educated. Please!"