Dear Editor,

I would like a way to thank the wonderful individuals who stopped to help me after I rolled my truck four times on Sunday, Feb. 22, around 12 to 1, when the winter weather started. The accident happened on Hwy. 3 southeast of Ada somewhere past Stonewall. 

It was something strange for me, being a native of Arkansas. We moved to Atoka in November. The only comment I could make, gasping due to broken and fractured ribs, was "I can tell I'm not in Arkansas anymore." The dozen people around me became silent, unsure of what I was saying. Then I told them, "People in Arkansas don't stop. They don't care. Better you than them.: They smiled and all of them said, "That's how we are — we want to help.'"

Just want to offer a thanks to these wonderful individuals who cared and helped a stranger in need.

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