Oklahomans are losing their freedoms, one local-control issue at a time. And why? To satisfy certain lobbies like the tobacco and the oil and gas industries.

In the last few years there was an attempt to repeal a law that allows cities and counties to put their own anti-smoking laws into effect. It was unsuccessful. 

Gov. Fallin vetoed Rep. Katie Henke’s House Bill 2155, which would have created a parent-teacher-student team to decide whether a failure on a third-grade reading sufficiency test was due to extrinsic factors.

Also last year a law was created to keep counties and municipalities from raising the minimum wage. The proposed defunding of our advanced-placement U.S. history classes is taking local control away from local school boards

So is House Bill 1440 by Rep. Chad Caldwell (R-Enid), which would impose term limits on school boards. This contradicts Representative Caldwell’s other measure, House Bill 1442, which says that if a school district can’t find someone to run in their district, they can go outside the district to get someone to serve! Talk about a lack of common sense.

Even the Speaker of House, Jeff Hickman, is getting into the act with House Bill 2178, which would disallow municipalities from adopting ordinances to ban fracking in their city.

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