Dear Editor,

The recent ISIS bombing and shooting innocent people in Paris was no doubt a horrifying tragedy. Some are saying this is France's worst attack since World War II. That said, here's another tragedy that is playing out in both parties. Republican and Democrat are now on a fast track to deceive the American people, using the ISIS tactics in Paris for all its worth to which candidate has the real experience when it comes down to handling what's happening overseas.

The established candidates like Jeb Bush are now going after the outside candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson, including Cruz. The bottom line is the fear factor. Engage in emotions and false perception for winning the oval office.

I hope the American people, those voters, on both sides can see through a particular candidate who uses such tactics.

What America really needs right now for president is another Gen. George Patton. Gen. Patton and his army defeated Hitler and his army of cutthroats in Germany during World War II. During Patton's time on the war front, not one person in the media back then paid any mind regarding Patton's political affiliation.

A Gen. George Patton would be named a warmonger in today's political climate. Our political correctness, President Barack Obama, does not have any interest in defeating the murdering of innocent people by ISIS. But do not ever forget this. President Obama inherited the ISIS murdering mess from another president, George Walker Bush, who was himself, an insider, established experienced candidate during his run for the presidential campaign against former Vice President Al Gore.

Anyway, the presidential election is one year off. Anything unexpected could happen between now and then. But I'm predicting the winner in November 2016 will be political correctness.

George W. Clark


Dear Editor,

I'm not against a woman president, but Hillary Clinton is not the right woman for the job.

Anyone who watched ABC, NBC and CBS when they reported on the inquiry of Clinton in the Benghazi and Libya affair would think she didn't do anything wrong. They show only clips of film that do not hurt her image.

I watched the whole program on Fox News and to anyone who isn't biased, it was proven she lied about it being a response to a movie when she knew it was a planned terrorist attack. All of the Obama staff lied to cover up for her mishandling of the affair that caused four men to die.

We were told for 10 days by Obama, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and David Axelrod that this was a response action caused by a movie, when Clinton emailed other leaders and told them that they knew it was a planned terrorist attack. Her emails proved she lied to us about it.

Now she is in trouble for lying about her other emails. Is this the kind of person you want for a president? One that lies to the American people and doesn't take action to save our Americans abroad?

Oh! We already have a president like that, don't we?

Thank you.

Richard Medcalf


 Dear Editor,

President Obama has just recently said he was going to leave the American troops in Afghanistan past his term in office, which in my view is a mistake.

However, speaking about the troops now in Afghanistan, I would use those troops to remove as many Afghan children and women as possible in a 30-day time frame. I would immediately send in our Air Force on a bombing mission inside the country, leveling every village, city, towns and the high mountain areas, maybe not in that order, but you get the point.

Placing more American troops in Afghanistan to be slaughtered is insanity. President Obama has not been demonstrating sound leadership in Afghanistan or Iraq. And as a result, he will be haunted long after he leaves office as president of this country. But did you know, too, that Obama's decision had Republican fingerprints all over it?

George W. Clark


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