Dear Editor,

How about them Rhonda Hughes Zumba zombies at the Ada Lions Club 5th Annual Zombie March for Piece promoting  Organ Donor Awareness and Good Health? I’ve never seen so many zombie men with their zombie tongues hanging out. If anyone found any tongues on the sidewalks, please return them to lost and found.

Daryl and his motorcycle, Bryan Hatton from Iron and Ink, bravely led the zombies from Alexandria to downtown Ada. Thanks, Daryl. He eventually deposited the Ada onlookers to the Lions Club Mobile Health Screening, where they received free health screenings on many of their organs for diabetes, glaucoma, and high blood pressure.

As a goodwill gesture, the zombies made sure that everyone left with all their parts. SCORE with the team of Stone and Candy provided the hypnotic music that kept the herd dancing. The iconic radio stations KYKC, the BOSS, KOOL and KCNP, along with the always awesome Ada News team, provided great promotion of the event.  

The zombies and onlookers particularly enjoyed shopping the pre-pre-Christmas bargains provided by a number of the Ada Main Street stores. Lastly, the zombies thank the Ada Lions Club, Facebookers and the members of the herd that spread the word. You make your mombies very proud.

Doc Zombie

(aka Dr. John Garber)


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