To the Editor:

There was a church in Hitler-led Germany that sat next to a railroad track. Every Sunday, the train would pass the church as the people inside were singing and worshipping. One Sunday was different, for the train passing by carried men, women and children of Jewish descent being transported to their deaths.

As the train approached the church, the people inside the train felt hope. Here is a place full of God’s people; surely they will hear our cries. As they got closer, they began crying, praying, pleading through the opening of the train.

Inside the church, the people could hear. They knew the cries, the begging. Their answer to this was the instruction given by the pastor, “Congregation, sing a little louder. We need to sing louder!” They did, and the people in the train passed on to the destiny that awaited them.

We in America are in such a place. Since Roe vs. Wade, 58,198,070 lives have been taken in a brutal procedure called abortion. We have recently seen the barbaric acts of Planned Parenthood being made public. The tearing, pulling apart and harvesting of baby organs to be sold. If you have watched any of these videos, and I pray you have, you and I should be so sickened by what we have seen that words fail us.

I guess my question is this, to the churches in America and especially to the ones in Ada. Are we just going to sing a little louder and think that this will pass and we will have the excuse “We didn’t know”?

But we do know, and there is hope. It is your local Pregnancy Care Center, and we have one in Ada. It is called the House of Hope.

Now is the time to step up, uncover our ears to the sounds of the cries and realize babies are dying, enduring a procedure that they feel, that brings them pain.

If you feel unsure of what you can do but you want to do something, support your local Pregnancy Care Center. This center receives no government funding and is strictly nonprofit, relying on donations from churches and individuals who understand we are in a fight — a fight for the lives of the unborn.

Support the center monetarily. Volunteer if you feel led to do so, for the center is always in need of volunteers to serve in several capacities. Contact your senator and representative, especially about defunding Planned Parenthood.

We cannot sing a little louder. The cries are too loud! Can you hear them? I pray you can!

Judy Hanks.

president, board of directors

House of Hope

Pregnancy Care



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