Dear Editor,

Angie Dean (Ada assistant city manager), in response to my letter regarding the building of the new Senior Citizen Center, did not say my estimate of several more years before completion of the new Senior Citizen Center was incorrect. She gave no estimated completion date. Nor have I been given an estimated completion date by anyone else that I have tried to call in regard to that question. Her emphasis on the project being a priority for Ada would seem to imply that I was saying that the project was not a priority for Ada. I had stated that it was a shame that the construction of the new Senior Citizen Center was not made a higher priority on Ada’s project list. Making it a higher priority could have moved its completion date up by at least a year, maybe two or even more. She didn’t address the condition of the Irving Building with its roof leak problems and the smell that that has created.

The new Senior Citizen Center will hopefully be a place for seniors to enjoy at some point in the future. Not so enjoyable until that time is having the Senior Citizen Center in the unpleasant-smelling, roof-leak-prone Irving Building.

Bonnie Clymer


Response from Angie Dean, assistant city manager:  

The new Senior Citizen Facility is a high priority for the city of Ada and will be among the first projects to be constructed with the money collected from the sales tax extension.  A one-cent sales tax extension was passed in March of 2015 and the collection of the sales tax will not begin until January 2016, yet the city has already started the design phase of the two new aquatic centers and anticipates having the design of the Senior Citizen Facility completed before the end of the year.

The initial “Penny for our City” sales tax passed in 2010 and more than $19 million has been collected to erect a new police station, fire station and sports complex, and to make improvements on Main Street.  

The tax extension, “Penny 2”, is planned to fund a new Senior Citizen Facility, two new aquatic centers, amphitheater upgrades and phase 2 additions to the sports complex and Main Street.  Due to the age and condition of Irving Center and Wintersmith and Glenwood Pools, the city realizes the immediate need for services to our citizens and has begun efforts to obtain financing to expedite construction.

In the interim, the city will continue to maintain Irving Center and provide services to our senior citizens.  Although Irving Center received a new roof in July of 2015, we understand that the facility lacks modern amenities and is in need of rehabilitation, and for that very reason, we are making the construction of a new facility a top priority.