Dear Editor,

Tax time, all the time.

Born and reared in the state I love, Oklahoma (The Great), my home. No place like home. Lived away in other states 50-plus years, namely Wyoming and California. Never been on welfare, unemployment, worker's compensation, etc. One daughter, one husband, one grandson, one granddaughter, three siblings, ages 97, 84, 81, and so many wonderful relatives in Oklahoma, not to mention classmates and friends who are superb.

Personally, I'm thinking of what I was faced with, state income tax, tax on water, food and so many other taxes, etc. Yes, I realize that's what keeps our country moving forward, but to me it is totally unfair. No person should be hungry considering all the taxes that are forced on people to pay. Taxes come before anything else from the wage earner, etc. I have no solution, but I see bigger problems in the future generations. This is not what some might call a protest, but my personal belief. All things will come to pass. Proud to be an American, living in the greatest place in the world. May God bless all.

Shirley R. Franks


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