Dear Editor,

Thank you for all the publicity for the Ada’s Fourth of July Celebration. The Sunrise Rotary Club had a record-breaking Fireball Classic with speeds that would make roadrunners jealous. Since the Lions Club has been doing the morning Kiddie Olympics and afternoon Family Games, the crowds have exceeded anything to date, and of course the Ada Firemen’s Water Wars made another big splash this year. Being internationally known as a snow-cone concierge (or something close to that), I can declare that the Kiwanis snow cones set a new standard in yumminess. The fireworks were spectacular and the weather was the best.

Now, for some great news! We still have two time slots available for other civic organizations, church groups, etc., so they can have some fun, too. The way the Fourth of July at Wintersmith Park works is that the events are divided into two-hour blocks. The volunteer organization only has to plan its July Fourth activity for 2 hours, which is a piece of cake. This way, a big job for one group is becomes a small job for the many. My recommendation would be a community Watermelon Feast from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., perhaps with a few inflatables rides for the kids, and a Community Hot Dog Feed between 4 and 6 p.m., with an emphasis on recognizing our military, veterans, first providers and their families. If any groups decide that they want a piece of the action, call me quickly at 436-0664 before the two slots are gone.

John Garber


PS. The 5th Annual Zombie March for Piece will be Oct. 31st on Halloween Saturday in downtown Ada, the Zombie Capitol of Oklahoma. The awesome ECU Homecoming will precede it. Both events are always a lot of fun for all age groups, and I’ve heard that there might be some nifty additions this year, so keep your eyes out. But, if you do take your eyes out, keep them away from the zombies!

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