Letter to the Editor


Alas, education comes slowly to the media. Beautiful picture of the river — in color even. However, the river pictured is not the South Canadian. There has never been, nor is there today, a river in Oklahoma by the name of South Canadian. Yes, there is a North Canadian, but the one that divides Pontotoc County from its northern neighbors is simply the Canadian. We've finally gotten the highway department to correct the long-standing error, and the signs at Asher and Konawa reflect the correct name. Check it out with the website listing the correct place names in the state. Thanks.

R.L. Neman, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, ECU

Editor's Note: Thank you for the tutorial, professor. You are correct, but we suspect your point will not be as well received by those who grew up hearing it colloquially referred to as the South Canadian.

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