The Center For Ethical Science applauds Harding Charter Preparatory High School for its humane decision to end the dissection of cats.

We also hope that the school chooses a humane, non-animal model to teach biology, the life sciences.

In most instances, the goal of an animal dissection is to teach human anatomy. There are very advanced technological tools today to teach and learn about the human body. These programs and life-like mannequins allow the student to practice as many times as they need to in order to learn about the body and its processes. There are many state-of-the-art programs online for free and lending libraries around the country.

If the vast majority of medical and nursing schools have replaced their animal laboratories with sophisticated computer models and virtual reality systems, then there's no reason to be teaching the archaic method of animal dissection.

Jodie Wiederkehr, Founder

Center For Ethical Science (CFES)

Chicago, Illinois

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