Dear Editor,

As a former resident of Ada, I subscribe to The Ada News to keep up with everything that’s going on. One great plus I’ve had over the last few months are Anita Blackwell Robinson’s articles about the Kerr family.

My father, Charles Thompson, was a good friend of Bob Kerr’s and thought a great deal of him. I think Ms. Robinson’s series has been a great way for people who didn’t know Kerr’s background and especially his involvement with Ada, to learn more about this man who was a powerhouse in the United States Senate.

It’s been fun reading the articles, and I’m sad they’re almost finished. Thanks to Ms. Robinson and to the News for making sure people knew about Ada’s own Bob Kerr.

— Bill Thompson

Dallas, Texas

An error-filled letter to The Ada News on Sept. 14 falsely maligned the Clinton Foundation as a front for donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Clinton Foundation receives the highest possible ratings: “A” from Charity Watch; 4 stars from Charity Monitor. In 2014 it spent 88 percent of its budget on programs, only 12 percent on overhead. It fights HIV/AIDS, malaria, childhood obesity and deforestation. It supports early childhood education in the US and small-business formation in developing countries. The Clintons receive no financial reward from the Foundation, which receives no taxpayer money. Foreign governments have contributed to it, along with reputable groups like the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations. But the Associated Press “Expose” failed to document a single instance of favors bestowed on donors by Secretary Clinton. But see for yourself. All annual reports, audited financial statements and IRS filings can be found the Clinton Foundation, which has touched 430 million people in 180 countries, with the Donald J. Trump Foundation, to which Trump has given not a penny since 2008. It illegally donated $25,000 to the re-election campaign of Florida AG Bondi, who — coincidentally, I’m sure — then dropped a suit against the bogus “Trump University.” It spent $20,000 on a 6-foot painting of Donald Trump himself. Many of the beneficiaries listed by the Foundation never received the money. Trump could prove his philanthropic boasts by releasing his tax returns. Of course, he won’t. Judge for yourselves which Foundation does good work, and which does not.

— Gary Harris, Ada

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