Re: Tom Cole's article in the April 8th edition of The Ada News

I was distressed with the implications that Tom Cole made that all the raises in taxes were due to the actions of the Democrats. Do you remember the president who said, "Read my lips, no new taxes." Then guess what, a tax increase. I am an Independent who is not easily swayed by words from either party but rather try to study their platforms and make my choice.

A quote from Mr. Cole: "The cries for a simpler, more straightforward system have become more audible and serve as a reminder that tax reform is desperately needed in our country." I totally agree with Mr. Cole. However, I was disgusted when he didn't address the need for corporations that put their money in out-of-the-country accounts to have to pay taxes on this money. Another huge concern is the need for the wealthy to pay a higher rate of taxes than they have to pay. There are many instances where millionaires pay less taxes than our underpaid teachers.

The cumbersome code Mr. Cole addresses did not just appear yesterday so why is he blaming the president for not agreeing with the politicians, most of whom have been in office and aware of this problem for years?

 As far as Mr. Cole's reference that the Administration is ignoring what the constitution requires, aren't the politicians doing the same thing? A true reform to me should address not only the complicated code but the subsidies given to large corporations, some of which pay no taxes. The loopholes allowed for millionaires and restrictions on putting monies in offshore accounts should be abolished as the first order of business.

And another quote, "Any overhaul should be the result of negotiations." Totally agree. Again, we have had both political parties over a number of years as our presidents without any meaningful negotiations. But hey, it's nearing election time, so let's blame the party in office and ignore the real issues.

Institute term limits and get rid of lobbyists. That will hopefully eliminate the powermongers from controlling our country for their best interest instead of the rest of us.