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  • Randy Tate, CEO of NorthCare, Oklahoma City; Verna Foust, CEO, Red Rock BHS, Oklahoma City; and Gail Lapidus, CEO, Family and Children’s Services, Tulsa

Oklahoma is second highest in the nation for rates of mental illness and substance use. We have been in the bottom four in the country in rates of funding for treatment services. We have all read of severe impending cuts in the budgets of both Medicaid and the Oklahoma Department of Mental H…

People today are taking a greater interest in how their food is produced. But they're also confused about the role of antibiotics in meat production. It's actually quite simple — produce healthy livestock, get safe food. But lately, there's been a lot of conversation around "antibiotic-free" meat.

  • By Karen A. Lee, Coleman

Tishomingo has been in the news over the past two months for all the wrong reasons — flash floods, homes flooded, lives torn up, bridges closed, bridges open, bridges lost.  Each week brought more rain than the area usually sees in an entire year. Approximately 50 inches in less than two mon…

  • By George William Clark, Konawa

Regarding the headline, "Lobbyist spending increases after change to ethics rule," Sunday, July 12, 2015, The Oklahoman:

  • By Dottie King, Calvin

The U.S. is close to an important regional trade negotiation with Trans-Pacific Partnership. But getting TPP over the finish line requires passage of Trade Promotion Authority, which defines U.S. negotiating objectives and priorities for trade agreements and establishes notification requirem…

  • By Paul Warren, Mill Creek

(Sen. Frank) Simpson (District 14) didn't want to classify HB 1775 as a "tax" on aggregates because he couldn't call it what it really is. It is thievery. It was a taking of private property or also known as stealing private property.

  • By Mary Chronister, Ada

I was appalled at the way a kind, gentle man was treated in his last two visits to America. I am so ashamed of this behavior.