Dear Editor,

Senior citizens of Ada have been waiting years to have their senior citizen center moved from the roof leak-prone Irving Building into a new building. From the information printed in The Ada News, the building of the new senior citizen center is near the bottom of Ada's planned projects list. This would suggest that the senior citizens of Ada will be waiting several more years before the new senior citizen center is built. I have long hoped to be able to go to the new senior citizen center, but at the rate things are going, I may be either homebound or dead by the time of its completion.  

While waiting several more years for the new building, seniors will continue eating their lunches in a building that has an unpleasant smell from the repeated roof leaks. Eating in there is not very appetizing and may not be all that healthy either. It's a shame that building the new senior citizen center was not and will not be made a higher priority on Ada's project list. It's also a shame that the senior citizen center cannot be housed temporarily in a cleaner and healthier building until completion of the new senior citizen center.

Bonnie Clymer


Response from Angie Dean, assistant city manager:

“Now that the police station, fire station and sports complex (all of which were projects included in the first penny sales tax) are under construction and are underway, the city of Ada is focusing on the design and construction of two new aquatic centers and a senior citizen facility.  The senior citizen facility is a priority and the city of Ada is currently choosing an architect who will design the building.  The city of Ada is committed to providing a new modern structure for our senior citizens to enjoy.”

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