Dear Editor,

Those people who live on K Street in Washington D.C., the super wealthy who lobby politicians like our Oklahoma representatives Tom Cole, James Lankford, James Inhoff and Steve Russell, once again got what they wanted.

I'm talking about Social Security recipients, who will not be receiving a cost of living increase next year. There are a number of issues here. One over-arching issue is the elected U.S. representatives from Oklahoma are not looking out for those thousands in their state who are barely making ends meet at the end of each month. Those people whose only income is a little measley Social Security retirement check.

Pushing those people who are just barely making it further down into poverty is not right. But those elected representatives are now completely disconnected from the heartland of America, and frankly, don't seem to care either.

The wide gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to grow wider with each passing election. Those elected officials from Oklahoma, once they got to Washington, D.C., started drinking the same Kool-aid as those who live on K Street. Mingling with the rich and powerful who live in big mansions in the affluent areas of Northern Virginia. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.  

Are you voters in Oklahoma okay with that? You just going to keep voting for those politicians who keep lying and making promises during election times and then once in office completely turn their backs on you?

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